Interesting Finds This Week!!


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This week we decided to look at some interesting finds.  These statistics from our Canadian public schools are quite interesting.  Technology as we can see is becoming part of our every day lives starting at a young age. As educators I do feel it is our job to ensure that our students have the necessary tools and resources to be successful citizens in our society, teaching them the ins and outs of technology is definitely needed in today’s society.  Many jobs now days our taking to the online world… look at teacher’s for example.  In my experience at my school we are expected to check email daily, check google drive for announcements, book computers/other resources online, communicate with one another via online tools as we don’t always have the time to meet face to face, and the list goes on.

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To be honest, I have my computer and my phone attached to my hip daily, with the expectations and responsibilities of my job I need both my phone and my computer to get through my day successfully. This is just the beginning, I’m sure technology is going to continue to revolve and we need to start preparing and teaching our students how to use it properly, safely and most importantly how to be good digital citizens.

As I have been reading a variety of materials over the past few weeks I decided to look a little further into what Regina Public Schools believe in regards to technology.  To be honest, prior to this class I have thought lots about technology and incorporating it into my classroom, the how to, the different apps, resources etc. but it was not until now that I realized “hey I have all they great ideas, but now I need to make sure that I am following the guidelines of my employers and ensuring that I am implementing it in an appropriate manner.”

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Shared Vision:

Regina Public Schools believe:

  • curriculum framework and pedagogy
  • professional learning
  • bring your own device
  • innovation
  • digital citizenship
  • assistive technology
  • IT infrastructure and services
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Equitable access
  • Policies and procedures
  • Links were found at:

I also decided to take a look at some interesting things that were both technology and physical education related this week.  All schools within Regina Public Schools should have access to a physical education resource called sparkSpark can be a very useful resource especially for beginner physical education teachers.  Spark has some updated information on their site that would be useful to beginner teachers and veteran teachers in the physical education world.  Many physical education teachers have the experience in the content however do not have any experience in incorporating technology into our classrooms.  The Spark Blog offers some insight and a variety of ways/tools that can be used along with the spark manual in including these resources in our class.  Some examples provided were:

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pedometers (ability to measure steps which is conveniently one of the easiest ways of measuring activity levels.  It is essential that teachers who plan to use pedometers in their classrooms that there are different targets based on children, abilities etc. therefore it is essential to keep this in mind when planning lessons.

heart rate monitors (again based on student’s target heart rate will vary.  This can be challenging to use but fun as we have more freedom to individualize programs, activities etc. to meet the needs of our students)

various apps (my fitness pal- can aid students in tracking physical activity as well as nutrition.  There are also other apps such as blastinmotion that may be helpful in improving specific skills for a particular sport and/or activity)

video resources (how to videos, YouTube etc. can be helpful in teaching our students a variety of activities, skills etc.  Video resources also allow our students opportunities to create their own videos for class as well.)

Games– Wii Sports, Dance Dance etc.  We can have a few students using the controllers while the other students follow along with the activity/movement on the screen.

Although technology can be challenging, especially to physical education teachers as often times we are faced with the dilemma of how to incorporate and does it really apply to our subject area, it is essential that we make an effort in including it into our classrooms and lessons as it creates a more dynamic classroom. By incorporating technology into our classrooms we might be meeting the interests and needs of all students rather than our students who are “natural athletes”.

Another great find this week was the creating animations through keynote.  Through this site you are able to sign up for an online class that will aid you in learning how to create animations through keynote.  By completing this course you will be able to:

“The course is comprised of 5 lessons containing 17 topics. Each topic will teach you a new skill and includes video explanations to help you step by step through the process. No experience using Keynote is necessary. The only requirement is that you have a Mac Computer with Keynote installed (that’s pretty much all of them).”

This online course offers an opportunity to create custom animations that will help our students discover and learn tactical concepts.  They will also be able to learn rules, and will allow the teacher a chance to access our student’s knowledge and understanding in regards to the material being taught.

Preach it!!!

“Since technology is so prevalent in many students’ lives today, integrating it into their exercise routines during PE class will help them set a good habit of allotting time out of their day to exercise even outside of the classroom. By teaching students how to use various forms of technology for their health, students are able to make use of the devices they own to maximize health benefits outside of the classroom on weekends, for example. Informing students of the available resources they have also eliminates them needing to go out of their way and find these resources to help them sustain a healthy lifestyle in the long run”  I love this quote and it is totally something I live by!! I want all my students to be able to live healthy active lifestyles in and out of school and by providing them with the essential tools and resources to do so will help them in being successful not only in my classroom but outside of my classroom, at home, and in the community as well!

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I have been over the moon excited to be able to focus my last class on something I am so passionate about.  I hope that with all my new findings, resources, tools and support from my colleagues I will be able to successfully use technology in my classroom to benefit the teaching and learning that is happening in my classroom!


One thought on “Interesting Finds This Week!!”

  1. I always really appreciate your blogs as they always suggest tech tools, apps, and websites to use in the classroom. I feel as though you are really working through using edtech in the gym quite well, better than I could have even done, as I have always found it one of the most difficult areas for technology integration. I also really appreciate the stats you shared at the start of your blog. I know that I have a lot of kids you who apps for their homework and school organization (away with the agendas, right?), but I didn’t know that it was a quarter of the student population in Canada. Thanks so much for sharing!


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