Last One Best One!

Last one best one is what they always say.  I am really looking forward to the last leg of my journey in the master’s program and even more excited to be finishing off with an ED Tech class.  I am very fortunate that Alec has so willingly taken a group of us under his wing,

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with his expertise in ED Tech I see this semester being fun, challenging, informational and eye opening to the possibilities that technology can bring to our teaching and learning.  As Liz mentioned she was disappointed when she realized there were no ED Tech classes being offered in the spring/summer sessions as she wanted to finish her master’s degree with with one of these classes.  I can totally relate, waiting up… oh wait don’t kid yourself I didn’t wait up until 12 to register, I went to bed.. set my alarm…. Woke up at 12:55 p.m. and logged on to realize there were no classes that were of interest to me…. Disappointment quickly set in.  It was then that I was discussing with Jen about how I need one more class and was hoping to finish my journey in this program with an ED Tech class.  She had mentioned that there was a possibility of taking a directed reading or independent study and we should look into it.  As we began looking into this possibility it became evident how much I have learned from these ED Tech classes in previous semesters and wanted to continue learning more.  I am very excited to be on this journey with such wonderful colleagues, Liz, Andres, Jen, and Kyle.

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I look forward to learning with and from them throughout the semester and hope that we can all walk away with ideas, resources, etc. to aid in our tech journeys.

I am very excited to be taking this directed reading course as we are all able to look at specific areas involving ED Tech.  I have been at an elementary school since I graduated from the education program at the University.  I was hired as a physical education specialist and have taught that for the past 7 years.. well with a half time French kindergarten in there at one point too!

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I am very passionate about physical education and finding ways for our students to be physically active in and out of school.  To be honest my undergrad didn’t really focus or even discuss the possibility of incorporating technology into a physical education classroom.

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Perhaps society has taken such a turn where many things we do and rely on somehow involve technology.  I am all about using things to our advantage, there are certain battles I am not willing to pick and the use of phones/tech in my classroom definitely wouldn’t be considered a battle as I think that we can be using these tools in a manner where they will benefit our learners and encourage them to use their technology in appropriate ways.  As educators it is obviously essential that we take baby steps and ensure our students have proper background knowledge in regards to technology in our classrooms, like anything we cannot throw it at them without teaching them first, we need to focus on teaching good digital citizenship in our classrooms in order for our students to be successful.

It is my hope that throughout this course I will be able to find a variety of tools, resources, suggestions, tried experiences etc. that will aid me in finding ways of incorporating technology into my physical education classroom.

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Like everything there are always challenges and pro’s and con’s that come along with technology and I hope to be able to touch upon these things as I do some research in the weeks to come.  It is my hope that with my findings throughout this course that I will be able to successfully implement technology into my physical education classrooms with ease for myself and for my students.  I want to be able to encourage my students to be physically active in and out of school and technology might be one way of encouraging our students to maintain their physically active healthy lifestyles outside of school as well.

Another goal for this semester is to find a way using technology that I can maintain communication with parents/students.

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I teach close to 400 different students which poses as a challenge in communicating with both parents and students.  I would love to find a way of communicating and keeping parents up to date on their child’s progress throughout the year.

Overall, I think this course offers so many possibilities and options and I am really looking forward to exploring my topic in depth. Finding fun ways of incorporating tech. With the help of research and feedback from my colleagues through our weekly meetings I see this course being a stepping stone to many great things to come in my future teaching and learning.

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I look forward to working with all of you this semester and am hopeful that we all walk away with what we were looking for.  Cheers to one last class together!!!

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2 thoughts on “Last One Best One!”

  1. I’ve always thought that technology and physical education would be a difficult combination. I know that there have been improvements with things like FitBit, Wii and PS Move, but I find it hard to think of ways of incorporating this in class. I am sure you will find many ways, and I look forward to seeing how everything turns out!


  2. I agree with Erin. It is an area of educational technology tools that I am unfamiliar with too. I am looking forward to what tools you discover along the way. I bet a few iPads and some neat PE apps would be a fun way to incorporate activities at different stations. I look forward to learning about your findings!


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