EC&I 834 Summary of Learning

Once again this semester I had the privilege or working on my summary of learning with a great friend and colleague, Roxanne Leung.  We decided to create our summary of learning using GoAnimate.  A few weeks back we were asked to explore a digital tool, both of us decided to test out GoAnimate.  We both walked away with a positive experience and felt comfortable and confident in using GoAnimate to represent our learning.  We had a great semester, it was fun, engaging and was often challenging us in our tech savvy ways….. or lack there of.  If you’d like to check out what we learned this semester, check out our summary of learning below.  Have a great Spring/Summer and I look forward to seeing many of you in classes, in the halls and online!


2 thoughts on “EC&I 834 Summary of Learning”

  1. I haven’t used GoAnimate but now that I’m done my classes maybe I can get to that extremely large list of tools and websites I’ve been wanting to explore. Congrats on finishing another class! It’s not an easy job being a mom and taking classes. Great job!


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