It’s Been A Slice!

Done is Done!! The course prototype I must say was a very time consuming, in depth assignment.

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I appreciated the openness of it, however, at times felt somewhat confused or hesitant as to whether or not we were on the right track.  I was very fortunate to be working with two wonderful people who were open to ideas, loved a challenge and were very creative.  As Katherine mentioned she felt like she bombarded Alec and Katia with questions and concerns in regards to the course prototype project throughout the semester, however, I am thankful that she did as many questions and concerns that others had in regards to the project were similar to our concerns as well.

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As we made our way through the course it was evident that the project could be completed in steps as we were learning important information on a weekly basis that could be directly applied to our projects.  Katherine also mentioned that she was a little bit of a procrastinator, I must admit that I used to be however, with two children at home I need to plan my time wisely and having such great group members also kept me on track with what needed to get done.

Andres spoke to our prototype in his blog this week and did a wonderful job in describing our experience using Google classroom.  As he mentioned we didn’t really shop around or test out other LMS platforms.  We were all pretty set on using Google Classroom as we have all used a variety of google apps, resources, technology etc.

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I was very happy with the end result of our platform.  Andres is more of a visual person so for him he thought this platform could have been more visually appealing in how the information and modules were presented.  For my personality I thought it was great.  I am the kind of person that makes lists just so I can cross things off, so the set up for Google Classroom was great for me.

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Dre also mentioned that there was little room for customization.  Being that this was my first time using Google classroom not having too many options to do things was perfect as I tend to get overwhelmed easily, especially with new technologies, apps, etc.  One downfall of the program that I think all of our group members found was the editing.  Dre was the first to enter information into our Google Classroom and pre warned us about editing.  He said don’t spend a lot of time editing and making it look pretty prior to pasting into Google Classroom as it has its own formatting and will adjust and change your work anyways.  Was he ever right, and it was frustrating as there are things that I wanted to be bolded etc. but was unable to do so.  A lot of time was spent editing already written information.  Perhaps the intent of Google Classroom is not to create your work in another document and to create the assignments, modules etc. right in Google Classroom, that way this would avoid the tedious task of editing all your work.  Overall, I found Google Classroom to be a pretty straightforward LMS, easy to use and user friendly.  This assignment was fun in the sense that we were able to create things that were applicable to us in our teaching and made me realize that creating content can be fun.  Creating all units from scratch and everything on your own would be a very time consuming task and could be next to impossible if one was expected to work a full time job teaching, living their personal life and creating online classes.  Oh Wait!! I’m assuming this is what Alec and Katia were expected to do for this course this semester as it is a new course… hmm.. how did you guys do it!?

Stephanie mentioned this week that she was having mixed emotions as the end is coming to a near.  Like Stephanie, I also enjoyed our weekly meetings in the zoom room.  The zoom room was my escape from everything else in my life, somewhere I was able to feel comfortable, confident and continue my learning journey.  This semester has been a learning curve in many ways and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful online community.

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This class has enabled me to feel confident in my technology abilities (aka the use of technology and incorporating technology into my classrooms).  I look forward to seeing everyone’s prototypes, summary of learnings and hope that although our zoom room meetings have come to an end that we can still support one another and stay in touch!

It’s been a slice!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Slice!”

  1. I too struggled with the openness of the assignment- and I’m wondering if this is because as a student I never had much creative ability: assignments were often worksheet type or else I was told exactly what was required and this required some creative thinking. To me it brought to light how set our society is on right and wrong answers and how limiting that way of looking at things can be.
    This was my first experience with GoogleClassroom as well- we don’t have it in our division. I really liked everything in one place for me as a teacher, and to help organize students. I can see why it’s not required in our ECI class with mature learners, but I think it allows for some parameters and a kind of one stop shop for youth. I agree it’s not pretty, and likely doesn’t have to be to serve it’s purpose. I don’t particularly like the scroll part, but it’s a format that is familiar to me and the kids alike.
    Looking forward to seeing your prototype!


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