The Possibilities Are Endless!!!!

After this week’s class I left once again feeling overwhelmed!  Story of my life when it comes to technology!!  First and foremost, I like Elizabeth am new to the mac world and am currently trying to figure out the ins and outs of these mac computers.  I have always been an hp user until I went on mat leave had to give up my ever so loved hp computer and trade it in for my husband’s mac.  Now the learning begins!! From what I understand Mac computers have quite a few wonderful tools that are solely available to mac users.  IMovie is definitely one that I am interested in looking into after seeing Elizabeth’s creation this week and after seeing some of the summary of learnings from last semester that were created using this program were absolutely amazing.  I know for a fact that IMovie will be something I need to sit down with someone one on one and go through a tutorial, I can see myself testing it out on my own, getting frustrated and giving up.  Therefore, it is my hope that eventually when life slows down a little I will be able to sit with someone one and one and get this tutorial, how cool would it be to create IMovie’s featuring my own children as the stars!?

Would love to create a movie trailer at some point… how cool!!!!

I was able to browse through a few of the tools suggested before reading several peoples blogs who attempted go animate and had positive reviews.  After reading these blogs I decided I would attempt to work my way through go animate.  I definitely was not brave enough to post any of my attempts at go animate but I would like to give a big shout out to Benita and Roxanne, I watched both of your tutorial videos you created using go animate and you both did a wonderful job!

Brief GoAnimate tutorial for beginners!

Both Benita and Roxanne mentioned that Go Animate provides us with a 14-day free trial.  I signed up, patiently awaited my confirmation email with my login id and password.  Once I had all the necessary information I was able to access the tool and work my way through the very useful tutorial.  The tutorial was fairly easy to understand and follow along with.  The tutorial was step by step using animation, text and arrows showing you exactly where things were and what you needed to do.  Like I mentioned before I am easily overwhelmed, however this tutorial left me feeling at ease and confident in my abilities with this tool.  Although I signed up for the free trial there were other purchase options for this tool, perhaps something I would look into if I were to use this tool in my classroom long term.

Some cool features within this tool were that it is a safe, secure environment where outsiders cannot access.  There is an educator experiences blog that you can follow along that may be helpful in using this tool in our classrooms.  In this tool there are several aspects where teachers can customize to make it their own.  Under account settings you are able to customize your own profile.  Under manage, whomever is using the tool is able to add students, teachers, groups etc. to your subscription.  In the explore section you are able to search students and teachers (this will allow you to locate and view videos).  Another interesting feature of this tool is that you can send messages to others.  You are also able to moderate student’s videos and comments before they are published (this is a great feature, especially when working with students in our classrooms).

Some of the pro’s and con’s of this program would be as follows:


-You are able to test out the tool using the 14-day free trial prior to making any purchases

– It is easy to navigate (use of the tutorial through the program)

– It is cloud based therefore it won’t take up a ton of space on your computer

– You are able to import your own content

-It is a tool that enables students and teachers to share videos and information.


-Internet access is a requirement to use this tool

-If you choose not to use your own video recording and use the text to self that is provided by the program the voice and be quite robotic which may leave our students feeling bored

-Finances (do our schools have the necessary finances to purchase this tool, if not the 14-day trial only gets us so far)

Overall, I would highly recommend this tool to others.  It is easy to navigate for both teachers and students.  It also allows opportunities for fun, uniqueness, imagination and creativity to sky rocket! We are all about finding new ways to engage our students and I definitely believe that this tool provides different opportunities for our students to be engaged and create something that reflects their knowledge and experiences.


4 thoughts on “The Possibilities Are Endless!!!!”

  1. How fun – thanks for sharing Jayme! Not only would this be fun to use in my classroom but I think it also looks like something that my kids would love to explore with me!


  2. If you are looking for a different video/presentation tool you should look into Powtoon. It’s user friendly and it’s free. You can’t make little cartoons, but my students have enjoyed using it in the past. I hope you are enjoying the Mac…if you ever need a hand feel free to ask (we are an Apple only household haha).


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