Met Blake Shelton…Have Cute Kids…Looking Forward To Another Great Semester!


Welcome to my blog!!  My name is Jayme-Lee Lazorko, I am a physical education teacher at Elsie Mironuck School, not only am I a teacher but I am also a mother, wife, daughter, friend and many other things.  I recently went back to work in April after having my first, worked from April- December and am currently on my second and final maternity leave.  As much as I love being around other peoples children and teaching them everyday nothing beats spending time watching your own children grow, learn and play.


This is my 9th class and will be my 3rd with Alec and Katia.  I really enjoy the nature of these classes as it allows me to find  a balance between school and family.  These online classes have allowed me to be present at home with my children and family while  I continue to learn and pursue a Master’s degree at the same time.  I thoroughly enjoy the classes in the sense that it is all new to me.  Technology and myself have never built a fundamental, strong willed friendship and I’m hoping once I have completed these online classes I will have the necessary tools, resources and experience to enable me to incorporate some of my learning into my own teaching practice.

Throughout this course I hope to learn many things, however on the top of my list is to find a new program or way of presenting my summary of learning.  In past semesters I have had the chance to work with animoto, and create a pod cast when putting together my summary of learning.  I hope to be able to explore with a variety of programs and resources throughout the semester and pin point one that will be able to represent my learning perfectly.  I would also like to become more engaged in the twitter world.  I have a twitter account, I follow or “creep”, however you want to say it, tweet every so often but this semester I would like to try to make connections to my own teaching and learning and be able to tweet about relevant course content.  Lastly, I want to be engaged with my classmates and colleagues.  I will make a strong effort to be engaging in discussions, blogs, twitter, google plus etc.  Overall, I am really looking forward to learning alongside so many great, talented people and hope that everyone has an enjoyable semester!


4 thoughts on “Met Blake Shelton…Have Cute Kids…Looking Forward To Another Great Semester!”

  1. I hope you’re enjoying ever minute of your mat leave! It goes by way too quickly. I’m looking forward to meeting baby girl and can’t wait for play dates with the growing gang!


  2. You sure do have cute kids! Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I can’t wait to meet her sometime soon! Thank you for always encouraging me to take a EDtech class! This time I will stay!


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