Summary of Learning

Originally for our summary of learning Roxanne and I decided to try out this videoscribe that everyone is talking about.  We struggled with it for a while before talking to a colleague who encouraged us to try a podcast.  He had this super awesome microphone for us to use and walked us through a program that was very useful in creating our podcast.  I’m so glad that we changed our idea of how to present our learning from this semester as we were able to enjoy, reminisce, and laugh while putting our podcast together… all of this was possible with our super awesome microphone!  Last semester we figured out animoto, and now we  have had a great experience using welcome to cast to create our final summary of learning.  By clicking the link below you will have a chance to travel back in time with us as we discuss our learning from the semester.

Summary of learning


2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning”

  1. Nice work Ladies! Steve and I did this last time and it was a lot of fun. I’m assuming he’s the colleague you’re talking about. Well done!


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