Summary of Learning

This class has been an amazing learning experience for me.    This was my first online class and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed being able to connect with my colleagues via technology.  I have learned a significant amount in regards to educational technology and our world, classrooms, home lives etc.  I had the opportunity to learn how to create a blog (with entries), however it was not until recent that I discovered you had to approve of peoples comments.  I guess that is all part of the learning process, one thing at a time! I was able to work with my group to create a Prezi (my first time doing this) and can say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was a significant amount of learning that went on for me throughout this very short and quick semester, I plan to incorporate my learning into my personal and professional life.  For the summary of learning my partner and I created an animoto (my first time doing this as well).  We worked together as we shared similar opinions, things we had learned etc. throughout the course. I won’t go into depth as to what we have learned throughout this semester as we would love for you to check out our summary of learning. I hope you all enjoy our summary of learning and have a well deserved summer break!



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